2019 China-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition and Residency


Whereabouts of energy 3min







”2019 China-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition and Residency”, Guangzhou 53 museum, Guangzhou, China
2019 中日芸術交流展 & AIR 適地適作 広州53美術館, 中国


Five modules with a rotation pipe compose this art work.
Each of these pipes contains pebbles, iron, resin, seeds and flower buds.
When people approach this art work, these pipes begin to rotate in turn.  The contents of the pipe slide down in the pipe. At some point, the pipe loses its support and falls. Then, there is a collision sound.
In this way, the mechanisms that use rotation and gravity are the basic mechanisms that used for consumption and energy production. Humans have used these mechanisms for a long time.


This art work was created at 2019 China-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition and Residency in Guangzhou, Chine. Theme of the AIR was to integrate environmental protection elements integrated into artworks. When this art work detects a person, it starts to rotate and makes a sound.

”Does it sound like a warning to you? Does it sound like a blessing bell? ”

The art work asks me and you.

In Japan, there has been a device called “Shishi-odoshi” using bamboo for a long time. This is an alarm device protecting human living from the beast. It is said to have been made by a Buddhist monk in Kyoto.

  1. River water falls to one side of a bamboo cylinder fixed like a seesaw.
  2. Next, river water fills one side of the bamboo cylinder.
  3. After a while, the bamboo cylinder will lose balance.
  4. Then, water flows out and the bamboo cylinder rotates quickly.
  5. At that time, there will be a collision sound with a fixed object.
  6. This sound scares and drives away the beast.

The sound of construction was heard at midnight in Guangzhou. I was thinking every night.
“Did the Buddhist monk wanted to sound an alarm only against the beast?”
I decided that my theme of this AIR is to think about whether the sound of construction is a warning or a blessing bell.

I enjoy the benefits of modern infrastructure and convenient facilities and tools. Time is one-way. Therefore, in this art work, the form of power, the flow of time, and the operation sound are one-way. The starting point of all movements is Human.
To express these, I used a motion sensor system and made it start interactively.