DATE : 23/Mar/2024-22/Apr/2024

Venue : Viento Arts Gallery @ takasakitonyamati, Gunma, Japan

Friyer :  miyoshimakita展_Spring-Mode.pdf


Now that we can hear the footsteps of spring, we decided to create a short promenade where we can walk, stop, touch, and listen.
We created this promenade while recalling and forgetting bitter memories, and then thinking again and reconsidering things that we had pretended to forgot.
We extracted the moisture in the atmosphere and the color of light and placed it on the promenade. On the promenade, a unique phenomenon that can only be encountered at that time and place appear.
There are sunny days, rainy days, and windy days. Please take a walk of your own.

協賛 株式会社ヨコハマシステムズ
2023 小笠原敏晶記念財団 文化・芸術助成 調査・研究等への助成による共同制作作品を含む